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Helfertys Emergency Phase

Helfertys Restoration Phase

What is Wet?

Helferty's Disaster Restoration understands the importance of training and the use of professional moisture reading instruments to locate every area in the structure that has been affected. We ensure that areas are discovered and properly dried out or removed, by using infrared camera technology as well as other types of moisture meters.

How Long Will This Drying Equipment Be Here?

We are usually able to dry structures in 3-4 days, though some jobs require more time.

How is “Smoke Odour/Damage Removed”

Smoke odour is removed from your home using various methods such as: cleaning, air purification Thermal-Fogging, Encapsulation of structural materials with specialized paints/coatings and some times physical removal of the structure and finishes. For more information, we welcome you to call us to discuss this intricate process.

Can My Personal Items Be Restored?

After every loss a major concern among our customers is irreplaceable personal belongings. Such as pictures, prized heirlooms, memorabilia, document and data recovery. These restoration processes are complex, some times we use specialist to handle items such as computers/electronics, paintings/photos, fine metals/jewellery and watches. Not all items can be salvaged, but we always make every effort to try.